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New OASIS classroom

We are proud to show some of the early photos of the brand new OASIS classroom. The new learning environment, known as Atoll class, is a fantastic new space for our children to learn. Have a look and see for yourself...

Main classroom

Main classroom

Main classroom

New classroom

New classroom

Exciting times at OASIS!

It has been a busy summer at OASIS!

Under close supervision from Mrs Naylor and Miss O'Connor, OASIS has expanded and we now have a fantastic new classroom. Our new addition means that we will now have two different classes from September 2018.

In keeping with the OASIS theme, the classes will be known as Coral class, where Mrs Waterhouse will be the teacher, and Atoll class, with Mr Phillips as the teacher.

We look forward to posting some photos of the fantastic new learning environment.

We would also like to welcome Mr Leaf to the OASIS team. He joins us in September 2018 as a Behaviour Support Worker. We are sure he will be a great asset to OASIS.

Erica the Hamster

Take a look at the newest member of our team. What a superstar she is!

Building work!

It has been an exciting term in OASIS as the staff and children have been getting used to the new building work that has been completed. 

We have had some lovely new rooms added to the OASIS which will benefit all of the children. The response from the children and staff has been overwhelmingly positive!

Have a look at what the OASIS looked like during construction...

Keep an eye out for pictures of our brand new rooms!

Learn more about our OASIS.

Click here to learn more about our OASIS.

 In OASIS we aim to make learning as fun and engaging as possible for the pupils. We deliver a topic based curriculum and have covered the following topics this year:

Autumn 1 - All Leeds Aren't we

We learnt all about our home city of Leeds and produced some excellent writing. We also made some very creative models during our craft sessions, such as a Yorkshire flat cap.Our class display, showing the excellent work done by the pupils

Autumn 2 - Let's Celebrate

This was a fantastic topic where we learnt about different celebrations from across the world. We looked at Eid, Bonfire Night, St Andrew's day and many more.

Let's Celebrate display board, showing the excellent work done by the pupils

Spring 1 - Horrible Histories

The pupils really enjoyed learning some gruesome facts about the past. We looked at Egyptians, Romans, Vikings, Victorians and The World Wars.   

Spring 2 - The Circle of Life

This was a popular topic with both pupils and staff. All of the pupils are fond of animals and had great fun producing some excellent work. We even did some drama around The Jungle Book story.

Summer 1 - Pedal to the Metal

For the petrol heads amongst us this was a dream topic! The pupils became engineers, designing their own vehicles and thinking about how the environment is affected. They produced some vary passionate writing about eco-friendly vehicles.

Summer 2 - Into the Future

This topic required a lot of imagination for our pupils. They used their keen eye for technology and gadgets and produced some very creative work. One of our projects was to create a new, futuristic town. The pupils had to think about making it as futuristic and modern as possible.