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ABC Centre – providing holistic, inclusive and empowering support to schools and families.

The ABC Centre is an off-site Alternative Provision, based at Swinnow Primary School. We work with all primary schools across West Leeds, in support of and for the benefit of children, school and parents/carers. The centre works in a holistic way to develop personal, emotional and social skills in a nurturing environment.

The ABC Centre offers placements to the centre through a referral procedure, for children in Foundation Stage 2 and Key Stage 1. Children attending the centre will follow their curriculum and be taught by the centre's class teacher. Other sessions will be therapeutic programmes delivered by all centre staff.

These placements are short-term with the aim of the child returning to their school with developed resilience and empowerment skills to enable them to make positive choices and be their best selves.

The centre aims to offer a calm and safe environment in which children can access learning opportunities, self-regulate and examine their emotions.

The ABC Centre is not an alternative to mainstream school and will aim to reintegrate all children back into their own schools following a supportive reintegration programme, or to support a transition into a specialised provision if deemed appropriate.


        Meet the team

 Mrs McDonald

    Centre Manager


  Mrs Iglesias

     Centre Teacher

  Miss Crowther

 Behaviour Support


 Miss Lowther

Pupil Support/Outreach