Swinnow Primary School

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Curriculum overview

The reading scheme we use in school is 'Reading Planet' by 'Rising Stars'. 

The phonics scheme we use is 'Anima Phonics' - one of the schemes validated by the Department for Education. 

We follow the White Rose Maths scheme. 

Click on the links below to show what the children learn in each year.

Year 1 English                     Year 4 English

Year 2 English                     Year 5 English

Year 3 English                      Year 6 English


Year 1 maths                       Year 4 maths

Year 2 maths                       Year 5 maths

Year 3 maths                       Year 6 maths


Year 1 overview                    Year 4 overview

Year 2 overview                    Year 5 overview

Year 3 overview                   Year 6 overview


Early Year Foundation Stage  Phase Overview

EYFS Curriculum Goals