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EYFS Curriculum Intent statement

To provide a stimulating and safe environment where every child learns through first-hand experiences. Communication and language development is prioritised – through effective modelling from staff, a language rich environment and a promotion of enjoyment of stories and talk. The curriculum ensures learning hooks into children’s interests so it is engaging and relevant to them whilst developing their curiosity through adult introduced opportunities and active learning.

The focus for learning in two-year-old provision is on the prime areas so that children settle, feel safe and feel curious about play and learning. They learn to communicate their needs with a focus on listening and talking.

The focus for ‘big’ nursery is on the continual development of spoken language and listening skills which the children can apply in wider contexts, more confidently and with a broader range of people. Children should develop both independence and the ability to develop their relationships with others. A focus on quality stories and texts ensures children develop an early love of reading and develop early reading skills to be ready for reception.

In Reception, the children will develop learning behaviours they need to confidently access and direct play based learning. They will progressively engage with more demanding activities and teaching so they begin to see themselves as talkers, readers, writers and mathematicians. Whilst sustaining the child-led focus, the aim is to ensure children are ready for the next stage of their education having reached the early learning goals and developed an appetite and enthusiasm for learning.


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