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English - Reading 

At Swinnow Primary, we recognise that reading is fundamental to a child’s development as an independent and successful learner. It is our aim that all children are taught how to be fluent, accurate and confident readers, enabling them to read with understanding, curiosity and enjoyment.



We want our children to:

  • Read confidently and fluently and seek to acquire knowledge independently
  • Develop a lifelong enjoyment of reading, taking genuine pleasure from what they read
  • Develop the reading skills they need to access all areas of the curriculum
  • Understand the meaning of what they read and what is read to them
  • Read critically to ascertain what the truth is in a statement so that they may gain a balanced understanding of local, national and international issues
  • Make responses to what they read justifying those responses
  • Become immersed in other worlds…both real and imagined!

We consider ourselves a community of readers and, as such, all adults model and communicate their love of reading in the following ways:

  • By planning regular story time sessions and times when everyone in class is reading together
  • By planning engaging shared and guided reading opportunities
  • By planning class participation in school and national literacy events which promote reading e.g. visits from authors and storytellers, Take One Book, World Book day and the Leeds summer reading challenge


Reading Documents





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Reading Home Learning



Useful links to support Reading at home:

Oxford Owl


CBeebies - YouTube



Reading News




Leeds Libraries Summer Challenge

Follow the link below to find out more about the summer reading challenge at your local library:

Parent information poster - click here


New for September 2023

  Download Coming Soon Label Royalty-Free Stock Illustration Image - Pixabay  The 5 Plagues of Reading at Swinnow Primary School - click here to find out more



Click the picture below to find out more about our NEW reading books!



TAKE ONE BOOK - Summer Term

Across school we have been reading 'Dear Teacher' by Amy Husband as inspiration for our writing tasks. It is a fabulously funny book, full of hilarious letters from a young boy to his new teacher as he prepares for his next class in September. See below for some examples of our wonderful range of work, from Yr1 to Yr6...