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In RE at Swinnow, we aim to expose pupils to a variety of religions, cultures, world views and practices from around the world to allow them to understand and develop their own individual beliefs and practices and build their cultural capital.

As a predominantly white, British school, we aim to develop our children’s curiosity and interest in the beliefs and cultures practised within our own communities as well as throughout the wider world. Our children are taught to be respectful and sensitive towards other people and their beliefs, cultures and philosophies through exploring their commonalities and differences. We provide a safe space where difficult questions can be asked and allow children to develop their own sense of self where they are encouraged to articulate their own personal beliefs, ideas, values and experiences while respecting the rights of others.

We will nurture development of SMSC and British Values. We will support children in developing their own spirituality.  They will come to understand diversity and how world religions and other world views can influence who we become.

Children will leave Swinnow Primary with an understanding of Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism. They will develop their own beliefs and values while being respectful to others with different religious beliefs, no religion and world views.


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At Swinnow we follow the Locally Agreed RE Syllabus, 'Believing and Belonging' which informs our planning and the progression of skills and approach to RE throughout our school.

re syllabus believing and belonging .pdf

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