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Key Stage 2

 As many children are learning from home, we have set up ClassDojo to help us connect with yourselves and the children. ClassDojo enables you to share your child’s learning with us through a portfolio of photos and videos, as well as allowing staff to share activities and learning that can be done at home. You will have received an email with details of how to join up. If you are unsure f how to join or you haven't received this email then please email us at info@swinnowprimary.com/ Keep an eye on the Home Learning Pages, the Fun and Games page and the Class Blogs for more activities to have a go at, at home. 

Remember to keep checking out the class blogs for more activities that you can do at home.  Click the pictures below to visit the blogs.

If you are using the Swinnow Primary School App, please look under 'Links' for access to the Home Learning Pages and Class Blogs.

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Calling all artists!

Here is a chance for you to show your amazing art skills, with the chance of your design being painted on Alistair Brownlee’s wall!

Alistair Brownlee is a British triathlete (from Yorkshire!) who is the only athlete to hold 2 gold Olympic titles in the triathlon event. After building a pool during lock down to keep him swimming, he needs you to help keep him motivated. Your fantastic creation could help motivate Alistair while he is swimming!

The competition is open now and will run until 31st May 2020 – it is open to all KS2 pupils. So get involved! The possibilities are endless!

Find the poster here for more information.




Please visit the NEWS area of our PSHE page for advice and links to support during this difficult time

Click the image below and then scroll down to 'news'






Sing Up have lots of great songs that are easy to learn. Click the picture below to follow the link.

10 Free Songs from Sing Up | Music Mark



ABC Creative Music are offering free access to their music resources. There are lots of fun activities that you can do at home and you don't need to own any instruments. Click the picture below to follow the link. You will need to sign up but it is FREE.

ABC Creative Music - MarketPlace | Music Mark






 Numbots is a great website that helps children to practise and consolidate key Maths skills. Children can log on using their Times Table Rockstars log-ins and there is a link to Numbots on the left hand-side of the TTRS page.

Story-mode is the mode in which children can deepen and develop their understanding of a particular Maths skills. It is set out in a series of stages, children must complete each stage in order to move onto the next.  Rust is the first Stage and level 1 is unlocked, so this is the place for everyone to start.

Challenge mode is where children can put their knowledge to the text and earn points! Enjoy! Click here to follow the link!


All across Key Stage 2, children have access to Times Tables Rockstars. It's a great way to practise the times tables. Click the picture below to follow the link.


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 Topmarks has a wide range of games to help develop maths skills. Click the picture below to follow the link.

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 Corbett Maths Primary has a wide range of resources to support with Maths at home. These include video tutorials, worksheets and revision quizzes. Click to follow the link.

My Mini Maths offers easy to follow worksheets and resources as well as daily arithmetic questions, just like the ones KS2 do daily in their Fluent in 5 sessions. Click to follow the link.


The Maths Factor, a website designed by Carole Vorderman, gives you access to loads of fun games and learning tools-for ages 4-12. You will need to sign up to access it but it's completely free to join! Click on the picture below to access the link!






The Literacy Shed have some great English lessons that are free to access and are linked to short video clips. Click on the picture below to access the resources. These are suitable for KS2 children. Don't feel like you need to complete all of the activities in the pack.




 David Walliams is sharing a free audio story everyday. Click the picture below to listen.

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Topmarks has a wide range of games to help develop reading skills. Click the picture below to follow the link.

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Help your children to develop a love of reading with free access to over 100 e-books. Click the picture below to follow the link. 

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 World Books also provide access to a huge range of e-books, including the read aloud feature. Click here to follow the link.


CBeebies have a huge range of popular stories that can be enjoyed at home. Click the picture below to follow the link.


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Stuck for what to read next? The Reading Challenge Book Sorter can help. It recommends new books to you based on your age, the type of books you enjoy and the books you have enjoyed in the past. Click below to follow the link.

Audible has a wide range of online audio books to listen to and enjoy at home, now all completely free. Click on the picture below to access the link.



Spelling Frame is absolutely packed full of fun and easy games that children can play in order to better support their spelling and phonics learning. Just select the right year group and the grapheme/ word list your child is currently working on and the site will show a series of different games designed to support that learning. Some games may ask for a paid subscription but there are many which are completely free. Click here to follow the link.

Upper Key Stage Two Revision and Support Links

Support for Reading

. Read Theory is a fantastic website set up to support children with their reading comprehension skills. It assesses reading ability and generates questions which have been tailor made to support each child with their needs. Please visit https://readtheory.org/ to log on.

SATs Support-SPAG

It's often tricky to remember all the different terminology that you need to know for the Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar test so we've put together a couple of different revision mats that you can use to help to jog your memory whilst you're revising at home. 

SPAG Tube Map                   GPS Revision Mat

As well as these mats, you can use this helpful presentation. Just click on the square which shows the area you need support with and it will take you to an information page, including helpful Youtube links.


SATs Support-Maths


We're loving these great websites in Year 6 at the minute. Check out Mathsbot for a go at our daily Arithmetic Challenge, or look at this page for practise SATs questions with helpful Youtube links to help you when you're stuck! 

If you're struggling to remember any of the key facts that will help you to solve any of these problems, remember to use the Maths SATs Mat to help you, using this helpful link.


The James Dyson Foundation have designed these STEM challenges to encourage inquisitive young minds to get excited about engineering. Click the picture below to follow the link.


 JamesDysonFoundation (@JDF) | Twitter

Want to inspire your child to enjoy Science? Try these engaging activities together at home. Click the picture below to follow the link.

Image result for the school run

Science on the Web is a document which is free to download. From there, you can click on any area of science that your child is interested in and you will find a huge range of STEM recommended links, activities and information. Click here to follow the link and hit download.

Also, see the science page within the curriculum tab of our school website for further useful links and downloadable activities to support your child's science learning.  

Physical Activity


Click here are a range of different links to videos to get you up and moving! 


Miss Emmett's Dice game

Miss Emmett has designed this fun and easy dice game that you can play at home. Click on the picture to download the file. 

It is important for both your body and your mind to keep your physical activity levels up while at home.

Mr Phillips’ Skills Challenge

Hi everyone,
I hope you are all keeping safe at home. Here are a couple of challenges for you to have a go at in the garden.

Upload your replies (videos or pictures) to your ClassDojo portfolio and show off your skills.

Click the picture above to see the challenges I have set for you. 


Change4Life 10-minute shake ups

Change4Life have teamed up with Disney to bring you a range of 10-minute shake up games for you to have a go at.

You can find them at https://www.nhs.uk/10-minute-shake-up/shake-ups


Move More Schools

The Sheffield Activity challenge is aimed at developing the 4 main components to fitness: suppleness, strength, stability and stamina. In the pack are a range of stretches and activities to help improve your fitness.

Click here to open up this pack aimed at KS2

To find further information on Move More school, click here or visit MoveMoreSheffield.com


Youth Sport Trust

The Youth Sport Trust have created a range of online videos to encourage more active play and to engage children. 

Their range of 'Play Format' and 'Personal Challenge' videos will certainly help your child to learn new games and skills, while keeping active! 

Find out more here 


Outdoor Learning

Not all activities need to keep you moving at 20 miles per hour! Exploring the outdoors can keep you moving and your heart rate up.

Click here for ideas linked to the outdoors.  


Leeds Rhinos School Challenges

The Leeds Rhinos Foundation have been working hard to create a range of short challenges for you to keep active.

Challenge 1: Volleyball game with Dane! Click the picture below the give it your best shot! 

Please feel free to send in clips and pictures of you taking part to info@swinnowprimary.com -it would be great to see them and share them with the Rhinos team!  

Other Physical Activities

Click here to find a range of different activities aimed at Key Stage 2 children.  

Joe Wicks Workouts

Jump Start your day with Jonny

Energetic Education

Other great sites

 Have a look at this fab site by the National Scouting Association where they have come up with a huge range of ideas of things you can do whilst stuck indoors. There's everything from Science to Art to learning new hobbies and skills. Click on the picture below to access the link. 

Sometimes it's difficult to know where to begin with supporting your child with their learning at home, especially as the methods used in class are not the same as those you were familiar with. StudyZone.tv is a really useful website which has ready made video tutorials designed to demonstrate key skills to children. Click here to follow the link

BBC Bitesize has a wide range of resources to support your child with their learning, as well as giving them access to fantastic cross curricular resources including quizzes, video links and songs. Click here to follow the link

Go-Noodle have a wide variety of movement and mindfulness videos that can be used at home. It is free to sign up to. Click the picture below to follow the link.

Image result for go noodle

Sing-a-long to your favourite songs and learn the Makaton signs as you go. Click the picture below to follow the link.

Singing Hands 

Visit Cosmic Kids for yoga, mindfulness and relaxation designed specifically for kids, easy to follow along at home. Click the picture below to follow the link.

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