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At Swinnow, we actively promote the development of positive mental health. We teach about it and talk about it. We aim to provide the best possible support for children and families who are experiencing difficulties. If you have any concerns about your child’s emotional well-being or mental health the please talk to us. There are things we can do in school – or it may be more appropriate for us to access support from another agency.

There are lots of websites which provide advice and information. Click on the links below:

MindMate - a website which contains information about the support available in Leeds.

MindEd - online advice with links to specific issues.

Young Minds - the parents' pages contain useful advice about parenting linked to mental health.

Pudsey Cluster - services available in our area.

One You - NHS site for tips, ideas and plans for a healthier you 

In school we promote '5 ways to well-being'. CLICK HERE to download more information about this and for ideas about what you can do to support your own mental health.