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Nursery and Reception

 There are lots of links and activities on this page, remember to keep checking out the class blogs for more activities that you can do at home.  Click the pictures below to visit the blogs.

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Whilst at home you can continue to work on key skills with your child, this is best done through play and best when you can join in with your child and spend time together

Please visit the NEWS area of our PSHE page for advice and links to support during this difficult time

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The Early years expectations for each age range are available here - click on the image below

Here are some ideas to get you started - 

Continue to develop a love of reading

Share a bedtime story.

Help your child to develop their love of reading with free access to over 100 e-books. Click the link below to find them.



CBeebies have a huge range of popular stories that can be enjoyed at home. Click the link below to take you to the website.



Developing fine motor control skills, name writing and writing skills

draw pictures together with your child on different sized paper with different types of pens, pencils - this develops both mindfulness and pencil control

- encourage your child to make marks or write their name - can they copy the letters from your writing, can you cut the letters up and your child rearrange them to help them develop an awareness of which letters come next 

- in Reception can your child use their letter sound knowledge and tricky words to write a message 

- can you draw or write a letter to send to a relative adding a message together - this may look like a series of marks or letters or words depending on their development at this point in the year  

- chalk on the floor in your garden or path or paint on the fence with water to develop motor control skills

- make your own playdough click here for a recipe  

- this develops strength in the small muscles in a child's hand


Counting objects accurately 

 - can you pair up the socks together when sorting the washing - use the phrase -

   "How many now?..lets check by counting"

- try to name the object as you count to help slow down the speed of your child counting and increase their accuracy eg  one car.. two cars ..three cars..

- Sing simple number songs - try some of the 'simple songs' on you tube  - click below

- Online counting games try 'topmarks' for simple games to play together  - click the image below to go to the website 

- Listen to some fun number and letter sound songs from Jack Hartmann





Free online activities to support your child's phonics skills

For Nursery children please use the phase 1 games

For Reception children please choose the phase 1, 2 and 3 games  



Keep on moving!

The Change4life website has a range of fun 10 minute activities which encourage an active lifestyle. Each activity is linked to a Disney character.


Go Noodle and Cosmic Kids Yoga also provide ideas for keeping children active.




Find below a link to a range of physical activities to keep your child moving!

Outdoor Activities

Physical Activities for EYFS

Active at home with online resources

Active at home - technology free


Lots more fun activities can be found here...



Just click on your child's age range to find out more.