• Reminder: All of our after school activities will resume on Monday 8th January. 


At Swinnow we are all committed to ensuring that all members of the school and wider community are treated fairly and with respect by the school and each other. Prejudice, discrimination and victimisation are not tolerated and we work hard to instil in our children a strong understanding of what they believe to be right and wrong, including the importance of inclusion, acceptance and compassion towards others.

At Swinnow, we continuously strive to ensure everyone in our school is treated with respect and dignity. Everyone will be given fair opportunities to develop and make progress with positive regard to ethnicity, gender, cultural background, social background and disability.  We recognise that people experience prejudice and discrimination for many reasons. At Swinnow, we seek to challenge this and support our children, staff and families to counter any discrimination they face. We aim to foster in our children a respect and understanding of the needs and values of others.

Click here to read our Equality Statement.

We are setting up a working party of staff, governors, children and parents to monitor and evaluate how effective we are in achieving our equality aims - and to establish new aims.