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Year Six Wonderful World Theme Parks

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Year six created these fantastic Wonderful World Theme Parks. The challenge was to create a theme park using whatever materials you wished to, so long as the park itself reflected the different biomes of the world The results were absolutely outstanding!

Robinwood 2019

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The children had three fantastic days at Robinwood, pushing themselves and creating memories that will last forever.

Fun Run Y3 2018

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Year 4 Bake-Off

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Class 6 have worked hard calculating the angles in missing shapes. We decided this would be much more fun if we just added a bit of colour!

Year 6 Maths Investigation

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Our super problem solving skills!

Robinwood 2017

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Author visit

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Pizza Party!

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Our amazing pizzas!

seymour bones

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Don't mention the wet patch!

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Year 2's capacity morning.

Home Learning Logs

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Take a look at some fantastic examples of our recent Home Learning Logs.

Dough Disco!

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You know you are a gymnast when...

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Check out Year 2's awesome point and patch balances!

School Uniform

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School Dinners

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