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Keeping Safe - information for children

Do you feel safe at school? At home? On your street? Online?

What would you do if you didn’t feel safe? What would you do if you thought someone you knew wasn’t safe? What would you do if someone was hurting or scaring you?

At Swinnow, we want everyone to feel safe and be safe. If you have any worries, we want you tell someone. You could tell someone in your family, a friend or a trusted adult at school.

Can you think of someone you feel comfortable speaking to?

Some people who work at our school have had special training to help keep children safe. They are Mrs Naylor, Miss Haigh and Mrs Bell. However, you can talk to any adult in school and they will help you.

Sometimes it is easier to speak to someone you don’t know. You can ring Childline from any phone and it is free.


CLICK HERE to learn more about ChildLine – or get in touch with them via the internet.

CLICK HERE to find out more about being safe online.